Allied Employer Group gains an onboarding system that streamlines their processes


a WorkBright success story

Client: Allied Employer Group

Industry: Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Hiring Type: Hires Continuously

Primary Pain Point: Onboarding employees quickly and efficiently for their clients across three different PEOs.



How WorkBright Helped

wht-1 Created a new onboarding system in two weeks.
wht-2 Built an easier system to navigate three different PEOs.
wht-3 Reduced onboarding time to 10-15 minutes per hire.

The Challenge

Allied Employer Group, a growing PEO based in Texas. They have three unique PEOs: Allied Employer Group Inc., Allied Workforce, Inc., and Benefits Staffing. Together these three PEOs help businesses in Texas and the southwest with training, onboarding, payroll, benefits, and bookkeeping for organizations.

“We used a different company, and we didn’t have good luck with them.”

Before WorkBright, Allied Employer Group used another system to handle onboarding. This system had a lot of promises, but it didn’t work more often than it worked. So, Allied Employer Group went hunting for a new solution to handle all of their onboarding needs reliably. After searching and demoing multiple companies, they picked WorkBright.

They needed a new system that was:

  1. Organized for their clients and PEOs.
  2. Easy for employees to navigate and use.
  3. Multi-device friendly for the various devices their employees use.

The Results

By implementing our employee onboarding software, Allied Employer Group quickly established an organizational system for their PEOs. With so many unique PEOs to look after, our groups feature and subdomains keep all their employees accessible while ensuring they get the right paperwork.

I like the group feature. We have a couple of sister companies. We can keep them all together, and we know where they’re at, and have all the specific documentation needed for them.

When you connect with employees all over Texas, you need a solution that’s easy to understand. The Allied Employer Group team loves that their staff can easily follow along when filling out forms using WorkBright.

It’s a lot easier to navigate. When you’re going to fill out the forms, you can pull up the actual PDF and know what you’re looking at. The previous system we used was not as user-friendly.

When we built WorkBright, we wanted a solution that wouldn’t be tethered to certain devices (or make employees have the latest technology.) Emily and the Allied Employer Group team love that our software lets their employees view and complete paperwork on a wide array of devices.

WorkBright was multi-device friendly, computers, tablets, Apple, Samsung, the whole nine yards. That was huge for us! We’ve got a couple of kids that struggled with our previous onboarding system. WorkBright made that process easier.


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