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Did you know your employees could make you eligible for tax credits equal to
to 25% to 40% of a new employee’s first-year wages?

Enter your information to the right and join us on Thursday, December 6th for a live, educational webinar with RetroTax and WorkBright showing you how to take advantage of hidden tax credits and incentives with no-risk tax credit administration.

RetroTax is a family-owned tax credit administration organization that does all the work to find and redeem tax incentives for organizations like yours. Join our group webinar and learn about available tax credit opportunities, RetroTax’s screening system for identifying credits your organization is eligible for, and the complete process and timeline for earning and redeeming those credits.

When: Thursday, 12/6/18 @ 2pm ET

Cost: FREE!

Three things you will learn:

  • Available Tax Programs - Learn how the physical location of your business, the demographics of your employees, and the characteristics of your industry make you eligible for various tax incentive programs like Federal Empowerment Zone Wage Credit, Indian Employment Credit, or Work Opportunity Tax Credit.
  • Screening for your Business - See how RetroTax uses a three-step screening process to identify eligible tax benefit opportunities for your specific organization.
  • New Hire to Tax Credit Timeline – See a step-by-step breakdown on the tax incentive process from the moment a new employee is hired until your Tax Credit is generated.

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