Webinar: How to Retain Your Best Employees

Strategies to keep your best talent


Welcome! Join us for an exclusive live webinar with Avid4 Adventure founder David Secunda about employee retention! In this webinar, David will share his own experiences retaining over 350 staff in his Colorado and California based camp. Plus, you’ll hear the tips & tricks from over 15 of the best seasonal employers who work with David at WorkBright. Tips like, “We do summer videos with all of the staff in them, singing to “the” song of the summer. Then, when I send out their job offers I include the video to remember how much fun they had.” from Emily Riedel at TIC Summer Camps.


We’ll cover the importance of retaining your best hires with a focus tangible tricks for executing the following…

  • Hire the right people
  • Focus on your culture
  • Listen to your staff
  • Reward your best
  • Create an onboarding plan
  • Engage through the offseason
  • Remind them why they loved it
  • Incentivize employees to come back
  • Remove obstacles to rehiring

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About the Presenter: David Secunda is a passionate entrepreneur and HR enthusiast who has been selected to serve on numerous boards and host speaking engagements across the country for his expertise and forward-thinking perspective on the changing face of the HR industry. He started WorkBright after experiencing first-hand the pain of onboarding hundreds of employees in a short time at his previous venture, Avid4 Adventure which runs day & resident camps in Colorado and California.