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See how candidates seamlessly move through the hiring and onboarding process

See how your current process stacks up against a mobile-first & automated candidate tracking and onboarding workflow!

On this group demonstration, we’ll be walking you through the candidate process from applying to your job, being screened and selected, initiating new hire paperwork and being fully onboarded into your organization!

When: Wednesday, December 14th at 10am PT

Cost: FREE!

Agenda: - Posting an open position - Accepting Applications - Screening & Selecting Candidates - Initiating the Onboarding process - Filling out I-9 & New Hire Paperwork - HIRED! - Q&A

3 Reasons You NEED To Attend This Group Demonstration:

1. The workforce is MOBILE!

Did you know that 43% of the workforce uses their smartphone to find and apply for jobs? If you’re still using paper or an antiquated PDF download and email process for hiring and onboarding, you will want to check this demonstration out to see how you can go mobile and attract 43% more candidates!

2. DATA is the new black!

By combining your hiring and onboarding in to one seamless platform, patterns and data will reveal itself and make your HR team look like rockstars. Our system can report on important metrics like time-to-fill and make auditing your HR files a breeze.

3. Be on top of the HR game!

Just like you preach to our employees, professional development and learning is key to the long-term success and happiness of your HR team. This webinar is one more opportunity to see what is available in HR technology and evaluate how your current practices compare to industry standards.