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For businesses that may not be hiring huge volumes of employees but have lots of complex requirements for new hires, the onboarding paperwork process can be an inefficient administrative nightmare.

WorkBright moves traditional employee onboarding to a mobile-first solution that new and returning employees complete before they arrive for their first day of work so you can get back to managing people, not paper.

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What You Will See:

  • Adding a new employee - See how easy it is to issue paperwork to new employees with only their name and email
  • Filling out paperwork – Get a peak at how your employees will interface with their onboarding paperwork - from their smartphone or any web enabled device!
  • Mobile Upload - Watch as a new employee uploads photos of their certifications and relevant documents.
  • Approving & Rejecting forms - Stay compliant with easy approval and rejection workflows that notify your new employee when they need to make a correction.
  • Countersigning the I-9 – Countersign in bulk or one-by-one when you see the employees I-9 documentation on day 1.
  • Reporting – Powerful reporting capabilities let you pull all relevant information on your employees so you can see when documents expire, pull addresses and much more!

Group Demonstrations Held Every Wednesday!

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  1. Save Time & Money – We reduce the cost to onboard a new employee by 8x!
  2. Automate Your Process – Automated reminders about incomplete forms and incorrect information move HR out of filing cabinets and the inbox, saving your HR team hours of administrative work.
  3. Ensure Compliance – Track progress and report on staff files from a web-based dashboard. Ensure compliance with state and federal regulators in a secure cloud-based environment.
  4. Give New Hires A BETTER First Day – First impressions count. WorkBright impresses and inspires, helping you retain the best employees and establish culture from day one on the job.