The Best Practices For Celebrating Thanksgiving In The Workplace


In a few short weeks, many people in the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving at work and with their families. We wanted to take some time and chat about the best practices for celebrating Thanksgiving at work. If it’s your first time deciding how to celebrate, here are some tips you can follow to create the best Thanksgiving celebration at work.

1) Have An Appropriate Amount Of Time Off For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those travel holidays, just like Christmas. People often catch flights or drive to see their families in different locations, if they have enough time off. Thanksgiving is always on Thursday, but sometimes people are expected to return to work the next day.

How much can you get done in one day? Will it prove to be helpful for you? Consider working some overtime before Thanksgiving so you can create a four-day weekend instead of going back that Friday.

2) Cater Your Thanksgiving Lunch

Thanksgiving is a stressful holiday for many people. They may be the primary cook for their Thanksgiving celebrations at home, and then their work may require even more cooking. Are you adding to your employee’s workload unnecessarily? Consider catering your Thanksgiving lunch instead of making it a potluck. Your team will thank you!

If You Can’t Cater, Save More Expensive Poutluck Items For Managers

If you can’t cater your lunch, consider ways to even out the expenses. Managers can afford expensive potluck items like turkeys or hams. Your younger, entry-level employees shouldn’t be guilted into bringing these items–instead, they should bring simple sides, drinks, and plates.

3) Show Your Appreciation For Your Team

A few weeks ago, we shared ways to show appreciation during the holidays. This blog post is more relevant than ever as we celebrate Thanksgiving at work. Thanksgiving is built around showing others how appreciative you are for them. With so much stress from work and home, a simple thank you can go a long way.

Get Your Team To Share In The Fun

Showing appreciation for your team is fantastic, but get your team in on the fun too! Create mailboxes for each team member out of old boxes, and put them all in a common area of your office. Ask your team members to drop in thank you notes to each of their co-workers throughout the week. When your team leaves for Thanksgiving break, they can pick up their boxes and read the letters on their break.

4) Lend A Helping Hand To Employees When You Can

Since Thanksgiving is a stressful holiday, that stress seeps into work sometimes. If you notice that one of your employees needs a helping hand, don’t be afraid to offer assistance. We want everyone to pull their weight, but sometimes that’s not possible. Step in and check on everyone to make sure work gets done. Chances are, just asking your employees will bring them back to reality so they can get help before it’s too late.

5) Give Back To Your Local Community

Last, but not least, do some giving in your local community. Getting outside of your building and showing that you care about your local community is an excellent way to connect with people in the community and bolster your company’s presence in your town. There are so many ways to give back during Thanksgiving:

  • Feed those in need at a local shelter
  • Provide Thanksgiving boxes to low-income families
  • Host a coat drive for people in the community
  • Donate to auctions and activities happening in the community
  • Connect with a local charity organization and donate

Depending on how much time you have to give back to the community, your company could donate time, money, or both to local organizations.


Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday to celebrate at work. During Thanksgiving, you can show others how much you care and appreciate them. Use this holiday at work to show your employees grace and give back to your local community.

How will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?