Should You Create A Summer Schedule For Your Office?


The official start of summer is quickly approaching. As the days get longer, your employees want to spend more time away from their desks. Summer can be a distraction to your employees, especially if you try to go about business as usual. You could try to create a summer schedule for your workers, but that requires some attention to detail. Keep reading for some of our best tips and tricks on creating a summer work schedule.

What Is A Summer Work Schedule?

Before we begin, let’s talk about what a summer work schedule is. Essentially, you are creating summer hours for your business that is unique to this season. There are several ways you can go about creating this schedule.

Summer Fridays

A popular summer work schedule that has been popping up are Summer Fridays. Summer Fridays are a time weekly or monthly when the office is closed down on Friday. You may decide to make this a once a month or once a week occurrence, depending on how much work you have to get done this summer. Your employees can take their Friday’s to themselves, go on three-day weekend trips, and return to work refreshed.

Letting Workers Go An Hour Early Each Day

You may also decide to close up shop an hour or two early each day. So, instead of closing the office down at 5 PM, you may let your workers go early at 3 PM or 4 PM. Shaving off a few hours each day adds up to about the same time as a weekly Summer Friday would, but you are productive every day of the week. We all know that our employees aren’t productive during their entire eight-hour shift at work. An early release schedule could boost productivity while allowing you to waste less energy keeping the office on 8+ hours a day.

Promoting Work From Home Opportunities During The Summer

Summer is the perfect time to ramp up your company’s work from home/work from anywhere opportunities. Your employees don’t need to be in the office to be productive. As long as your employees know their daily tasks, most companies will benefit from increased work from home opportunities during the summer. Parents of school-aged children will also benefit from these opportunities because they can spend less on childcare in the process.

Extended Hours

While our primary focus for today’s article are ways to reduce work hours, some companies do need to increase their hours during the summer. If you have to work extended hours during the summer, our suggestion would be to add some seasonal workers, so you don’t overwork your main employees during the summer.

3 Pros Of A Summer Work Schedule

Let’s chat about the advantages of having a summer work schedule next:

It’s An Interesting Employee Perk That Will Set Your Company Apart

While some companies are catching on to summer work schedule trends, it’s still a relatively new concept. You will be one of the only companies which give their employees this level of flexibility in the summer.

Summer Schedules Force Your Employees To Be More Productive

When your employees have less time to work, the hours at work count more. They have a Summer Friday or an early release schedule to look forward to. Instead of spending the time they have looking out the window, they can get to work all while knowing that they’ll have plenty of time outside during the evening.

Increases Employee Retention During The Summer

Since you are allowing your employees to be more flexible during the summer, your employee retention rate will be higher. Where you might have seen some employees who had to quit or be fired due to not showing up to work, allowing more flexible summer work arrangements helps your employees keep their jobs. For example, a parent can take advantage of your work from home policy when they can’t arrange childcare one day, instead of missing a day at work.

Things To Consider When Implementing A Summer Work Schedule

Now that you understand the perks of having a summer schedule let’s chat about some things to consider when you are implementing this schedule at your office.

Define When The Summer Schedule Begins And Ends

The official start of summer in 2019 is June 21st, while the end is September 23rd. While these are the official dates of summer, you may or may not want to follow these guidelines when deciding on a summer schedule for your office. Whatever dates you choose, make sure you clearly define them.

Be Clear About Employee Expectations

If you are using a summer schedule, you need to be transparent with your employees about their expectations. If they have an extended amount of time off during the summer or they can work from home more, what are the rules? Be as specific as possible so that the system isn’t abused.

Keep Your Customer In The Loop About Changes

Your customers should always be in the know about your summer schedule. If you have a contract that needs to be serviced, customers who need to be served, et cetera, you must let them know about the change in your schedule. If you have a retail business, having a summer schedule might not be as appropriate unless you are extending hours. If you have a company where your primary customers are clients or people you consult with, you will have a better ability to create a summer schedule for your employees.

Take The First Summer As A Test

Summer schedules should be tweaked and perfected with time. The first time you do this, it’ll probably be challenging. You may face pushback from employees, customers, and clients alike. Take copious notes about the process and monitor output and productivity levels during this time.

What If You Cannot Take Part In A Summer Schedule?

Your company may not be able to accommodate a summer schedule. If you cannot change up your hours based on the season, consider allowing more flexibility on an as-needed basis. You may not be able to offer everyone the flexibility consistently, but you can offer it to people who need it most. Parents and guardians have an especially rough time during the summer when their kids are out of school — providing more flexibility when appropriate will help everyone thrive at work.


Are you ready to invest in a summer schedule at work? Today we talked about different types of summer work schedules, the pros of a summer work schedule, and some things to consider when implementing your summer work schedule. Companies of all sizes are offering these summer perks. Are you into the summer work schedule trend?