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As HR professionals, we are GUARDIANS of vast amounts of personal and sensitive data. Yet how many HR professionals have received prior training in Information Security Awareness? Our polls indicate that it’s less than 10%. Unfortunately, this gap comes from historic thought processes that security and data privacy are largely IT issues. As we will illustrate, that is no longer the case. It only takes ONE piece of personally identifying information to steal an identity… and think about how many social security numbers you’ve seen!

“An exploration in to the modern day challenges HR professionals may not even know they are facing! Plus some great tips on how to keep yourself and your employees safe. A must read!”

3 Things You Will Learn:

1. The HR Problem in 2015

“More and more organizations are accepting the fact that despite their best efforts, security breaches are unavoidable.” – 2014 Breach Level Index Report

2. How Identity Theft Happens

“If organizations knew how the attacks were conducted and by whom, they could take proactive steps to better protect themselves against similar intrusions and loss of data.” – 2014 Breach Level Index Report

3. Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices

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About the Author

Dave Secunda, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkBright, is a passionate entrepreneur and HR enthusiast who has been selected to serve on numerous boards and host speaking engagements across the country for his expertise and forward-thinking perspective on the changing face of the HR industry. He started WorkBright after experiencing first-hand the pain of onboarding hundreds of employees in a short time at his previous venture, Avid4 Adventure which runs day & resident camps in the Boulder area and beyond.

He received the Jim Rennee Outdoor Industry Leadership Award, has served as the Director of Outdoor Education at CU and was the President of the Outdoor Industry Association. He served on the boards of Leave No Trace, the American Hiking Society, the Student Conservation Association, ACA RMS & the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.