Sales Discovery Call Form

Set the Stage- Let them know what to expect.

“The goal for today’s call is to get a solid understanding of your recruiting and hiring practices so we can determine how best we can help you. I’m also going to create a really cool custom calculator that will show you your TRUE COST OF ONBOARDING. It’s super in depth and I’ll have that ready for you on our next call( before I demo our solutions). Any questions before we get started? Great, let’s jump right in…Tell me……..”


Schedule the next step- Make sure you both agree on what is going to happen and when.

“Okay Before we wrap up this call , I want to take a minute and lay out our next steps. Thanks you so much for answering all those questions I asked you. We covered a LOT of information and I took a ton of notes. I’ll take these notes and do two things.

Based on what I learned today, I’ll prepare a demo that I know will be super relevant for your specific business…we’ll walk through it start to finish. ( there is so much to show, I want to make sure everything you see matters to you)

and … as promised I’ll create that really cool custom calculator to show you your TRUE COST OF ONBOARDING. It’s pretty awesome!

We’ll cover both of these things on our next call. You’ll need to be in front of a computer with a solid internet connection so I can share my screen with you.

How does your schedule look ______________________ for our next call to go over this?