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“Retaining Your Best Employees: 27 Retention Tips from the Best Seasonal Employers”

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“You have to treat seasonal employees almost like customers. You want them coming back, so optimize your customer service to get them there.” – Read the rest of this tip on page 16 of the Flip Book!

3 Things You Will Learn:

1. The importance of EMPLOYEE retention on CUSTOMER retention and your bottom line

“The cost of replacing an employee is roughly 20% of their annual salary” – Center for American Progress

2. The 9 Areas to Focus On for Retention

“Working in an industry that lives and dies by seasonal employment, it is my job to be able to develop a seasonal-specific approach to retention, while ensuring that I retain the best of the best staff while meeting the needs that will ultimately keep staff returning year after year.” – Ian Roberts, Colorado Mountain Camp Director

3. Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices

Here’s a preview of a great tip inside the book… “We send birthday cards, signed by our year round team, each week to all of our staff throughout the year. It’s a small thing, but we have heard that it really means a lot of the staff to get hand-signed snail mail!”

What is a flip book?

A flip book is a visual set of cards that correlate one piece of text to an image that is easily readable and shareable. That means each 4×6″ card in this flip book contains one tip from a seasonal employer like yourself! If you like one particular idea, you can easily save that ‘card’ to send around to your team and say “I want to implement this!”.

Here are a few previews of the cards in this flip book:

About the Author

Dave Secunda, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkBright, is a passionate entrepreneur and HR enthusiast who has been selected to serve on numerous boards and host speaking engagements across the country for his expertise and forward-thinking perspective on the changing face of the HR industry. He started WorkBright after experiencing first-hand the pain of onboarding hundreds of employees in a short time at his previous venture, Avid4 Adventure which runs day & resident camps in the Boulder area and beyond.

He received the Jim Rennee Outdoor Industry Leadership Award, has served as the Director of Outdoor Education at CU and was the President of the Outdoor Industry Association. He served on the boards of Leave No Trace, the American Hiking Society, the Student Conservation Association, ACA RMS & the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.