Product Overview

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For businesses that need to onboard new employees rapidly, the administrative overhead can be incredibly painful. Our customers use WorkBright to drastically reduce the time it takes to collect and process forms, to automate tedious workflows and data entry, and to virtually eliminate all costs associated with new hire paperwork.

On average, we drive a 5x savings on the costs associated with onboarding a new employee. Here’s how we do it.

Invite your employees to fill out paperwork from home.

Once you add an employee into WorkBright, we send them a welcome email inviting them to login and fill out their own paperwork, from home or wherever they are. Employees can access the system from any laptop or mobile device, and our intuitive interface walks them through all of the paperwork – so you don’t have to.

Modern, mobile-friendly experience.

WorkBright was designed from the ground-up to keep up with today’s mobile workforce. We enable employees to submit things like licenses and certifications simply by taking a photo from their phone. Forms can be signed using your fingertip, and we follow best practices for e-signature enforceability.

Start reducing your administrative overhead today.

Review forms instantly, as they come in.

No more piles of paperwork adding up on your desk. All of the new hire paperwork comes into a slick Inbox. If there are any issues, you simply tap Reject.WorkBright automatically notifies the employee, prompting them to re-submit.

Regain confidence in your HR files.

Our simple dashboards and reporting tools keep you informed of exactly what’s missing from your employees. With WorkBright, you can rest easy knowing your HR files are compliant, organized, and easily-accessible. The best part though? We automate all of the reminder emails, nudging staff to get things in.

Product Features


Employees upload images of licenses, certifications and paper documents right from their camera phone.


Best-in-class e-signatures allow employees to sign forms with their finger on mobile devices.


Our system knows exactly who is missing forms and automatically follow up with them, with increasing frequency, until they are submitted. Image: Email notification that you are missing forms.


Every employee will only be asked to fill out exactly the set of forms that matches their job needs.


Simply “rejecting” a form and typing a reason automatically notifies the employee of the issue, let’s them know how to resolve it, then follows up until it is corrected. Image: filling in the “reject” box on a doc


Seamless integration of your employee paperwork to your ATS, payroll, and more by hooking your HR systems to our API!

Start reducing your administrative overhead today.