Get Smart About Your I-9 Exposure

Did you know the average I-9 audit penalty is in the thousands? Though the prospect and scale an I-9 audit can be daunting, with the right systems and compliance measures in place you can confidently avoid the most substantial and costly errors.

This 45-minute webinar will help you get smart about I-9 audits and compliance! We discuss the audit process, infraction types, violation penalties, and how to be prepare and minimize risk in the event of an audit.

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Auditing your organization can be an undertaking in and of itself, not to mention when it involves the stress of potential costly consequences. Ensuring your I-9 compliance processes are adequate is overwhelming, but extremely important.

We’ll help you assess your current Form I-9 workflow to identify vulnerabilities then give you a “Personalized Fine Exposure Estimate and Risk Mitigation Guide” to help you improve your I-9 process. Book your Free 15 minute I-9 Risk Assessment now!