How To Keep Your New Employees Connected During The Holidays


Hiring during the holidays can help pick up the slack at work, but it can also go wrong if you don’t keep up with your new employees. Your new employees want to feel excited about their new job, but you have to do your part to make their transition smooth and exciting. We’ve gathered our best tips for keeping your new employees connected during the busy holiday season below.

Don’t Let Onboarding Paperwork Slip Due To The Stress Of The Holidays

Onboarding during the holidays can sometimes take a backseat, but you shouldn’t let it. You need to keep on top of your paperwork like I-9 files and direct deposit slips. December is a busy month, but you need to make sure that every employee you bring in is onboarded correctly. Don’t cut corners to save time during the holidays.

If you are worried about the holiday rush, create a step-by-step checklist for everyone who is involved in the onboarding process to follow. Checklists are great because you can attach it to someone’s file and have people sign off on things as they get done. You might not need a list for every employee, but you may use them for employees hired during stressful times like the holidays or when you hire in bulk.

Alternatively, you can use a system like WorkBright to onboard your employees. WorkBright makes getting all your onboarding files together seamless. We can handle government forms like I-9s and W4s while also allowing you to customize your system for the other internal forms your employees need to fill out. The process of onboarding has never been easier with our mobile-friendly design that gives your employees the reminders they need to get the work done on time. Plus, on the employer end, you can quickly look over stuff and accept paperwork or reject things that need fixing. The best part? Everything will be easy to find if you ever need to find it.

Take Training One Step At A Time

Everyone is stressed during the holidays, even new employees who are onboarding with your company, including your new employees. Learning a new job while dealing with stress at home can prove challenging. Instead of dumping your employee’s new responsibilities on them all at once, take it one step at a time. Introduce new elements of the job slowly so they’ll be ready to start the new year with a bang. Here are some examples to keep training top of mind and easy to grasp during the holiday season.

Pair New Employees Up With Older Employees

Your employees want to feel a connection with other employees. They likely aren’t going to get that connection unless they’ve been working there for a while. The holidays are one of the friendliest times of the year, but it can feel challenging to get involved, especially if your new employee is an introvert. Pair your new employee with someone who understands them and their current conditions. Get someone who can introduce your new employees to more people and spend time with them during their first few weeks at work.

If you want to do something even better, assign a few current employees to each new employee. Get your current employees to show them around the office, eat lunch with them, and answer questions. Ultimately, your new employees will likely connect with employees more than managers. Over time, those pairings you made could even lead to genuine friendships.

Be Flexible With Your New Hires And Their Holiday Plans

Holiday plans are usually booked or considered months in advance. If you are onboarding employees during the holidays, you need to be aware of that. Plane tickets and hotels are expensive, so your new employees probably already have their holiday plans sorted out. Make sure that you are as flexible as possible with your new hires and their holiday plans.

If work still needs to be done while your employees have plans, consider alternate work arrangements. Can any of the work be done remotely? If so, get your employees set up with the skills and tools they need to complete the job on the go.

Include New Employees In Any Holiday Gift Exchanges

If you already have pulled names for gift exchanges at work, consider how you can get your new employees involved. They may feel comfortable sitting this one out, but ask before you assume. You may have already partnered up your employees, but see if any of them would feel comfortable giving and receiving two gifts this year instead of one. You can also ask company executives and managers if they’d be willing to participate in the gift exchange for your new employees. Either way, you should be able to connect with someone who can make your new employee feel like a part of the family.

Make Sure Company Executives And Managers Create Time For Their New Employees

Last, but not least, make sure your company executives and managers are taking the time to meet with your new employees. While your executives and managers are busy with all the year-end tasks they need to manage, even taking five minutes out of their busy schedule can be helpful. It doesn’t take a lot of time to make your new employees feel connected during the holidays.


Holiday onboarding can be challenging. You need to keep your new employees connected during the holidays, though. If you want to get the new year started right, your employees should feel appreciated, otherwise you could see some employee turnover in the new year. We hope that today’s discussion has given you some great ideas on how to show up for your employees at the end of the year.