Meet DJ Howard


dj-howard If you’ve called into WorkBright in the past 6 months and heard “Y’all” on the call – you were definitely talking to DJ. WorkBright’s lone southerner uprooted his life, his wife, and their 2-year-old dog Simba to come join the team in January of 2016 and has been emerging as a WorkBright rockstar ever since!

Now, it’s your turn to get to know DJ! Check out this short interview with him and if you get him on the line next time you call, ask him about his 15 minutes of fame as the LSU punter… it’s a great story!

Where are you from?

I grew up in a very small, historic town in Louisiana called St. Francisville. And by small, I mean we had 2 red lights in the whole town.

What drew you to come work at WorkBright?

I was most drawn to WorkBright when I saw a smart and capable team building and expanding a product that solves a large pain for many companies… It helped that we are based in Boulder with a stellar view of the mountains :).

dj-howard-workbright What is your favorite thing about working at WorkBright?

My favorite thing is that the people I work with realize that work is important, but it isn’t the only thing in life. They see the value of taking a break, enjoying the outdoors and having a good time.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by the desire to be an expert at whatever it is I am doing. Whether at work, at play or with relationships, I strive to be excellent.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Can being in the mountains still be my favorite vacation spot even though I live here??

If you had a superpower what would it be?

If not ever having to sleep is a superpower, I want that. There’s just so many more fun things that I could be doing instead of sleeping.