I-9 Updates 2022

Status of DHS I-9 Flexibility Reconciliation

Upon the expiration of the relaxed guidelines, there will be a reconciliation period in which remotely-inspected documents will need to be physically reviewed and the process documented for each Form I-9.

What We Know:

  • Remotely-inspected documents will need to be reverified upon expiration of the relaxed guidelines
  • It’s unclear what permanent guidance will be issued regarding remote inspection after this period
  • The best time to reconcile remotely inspected Form I-9s is now!
  • You will most likely need to reconcile Form I-9 in their original collection format. You can learn about your options and scenarios from this easy guide on I-9 Reconciliation Options
  • It is highly recommended to move forward with a Form I-9 collection method that does not require reconciliation or use of the relaxed guidelines

For many employers, the reconciliation process is going to be a huge headache, requiring a significant lift to view documents and make notes for dozens or hundreds of employees hired in the past few years. To compound the challenge, changes in work authorization documents or the staff member viewing them create scenarios in which new I-9s need to be completed while maintaining a complete audit trail. While the necessity of remote viewing was a relief in the short term, the looming cloud of reconciliation only grows more substantial with each relaxed I-9 collected. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for reconciliation.

Skip I-9 Reconciliation with Compliant Software

Remote i9 software phone Though you may be limited in options for reconciliation, you are very much in control of your collection method moving forward. Though the temptation of continuing your remote process through October may be strong, using a compliant software like Remote I-9 will save time and ensure perpetually-compliant Form I-9s regardless of the final reconciliation scenario or new permanent guidance post-relaxation. 

  • Permanently Compliant – No reconciliation or worry required after completion
  • Audit-ready – Comprehensive audit trail including dates, geolocation, & IP
  • Most Accurate – Field-checking and document scanning eliminate common errors
  • Guided Process – Easy for employees to complete on their own

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