HR Vocabulary: Recuitainment


Recruitment is a fairly aggressive industry, and the latest move to keep up with the times and get a jump on the competition for talent is taking the form of “recuitainment.” The term has been in use since 2013 or earlier, but you’re going to be hearing a lot more about it in 2016.


Recuitainment is a blend of recruitment and entertainment, which is also the fundamental concept that it is based on. Applying for jobs can be very dull business, but for some it is extraordinarily creative, to the point where human resources staff waste far too much time assessing the real meaning behind overblown claims on resumes.

Recuitainment-Definition Gamification (introducing the elements of games, such as badges, points, and prizes) into business plays a huge part in recuitainment. Quizzes and online competitions are used to get potential talent to show their stuff. Social media is also coming into play.

Why It Matters

Especially in the tech sector, the skills needed change all the time, and finding top people in this competitive market is challenging. If you can get people interested in working with you by engaging them in some friendly competition, or inviting them to show off their skills, you will have a great way to reach out to new talent.

One example in the tech field is to sponsor a “codefest,” or a “hackathon,” which is an event where a group of coders work collaboratively on a short project. Millennials expect to be entertained, and meeting that expectation is the best way to attract them.

Recuitainment-why-it-matters Gamification in recruitment doesn’t just stop on getting them in the door, it can also be part of the interview process. Consider having a group interview of your final candidates and have them all work on a group project – for example, build a structure with these materials that is at least 2 feet tall and can hold a glass of water. Through this process you will see who emerges as a leader and how individuals go about solving a problem.

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