How To EASILY Promote Your Job Listings with Facebook Ads



1. When logged in to Facebook click the arrow in the right-hand corner and navigate to “Create Ads”Note: You must be an administrator of your organization’s Facebook page in order to post ads. Talk to your marketing department about getting access if you don’t have it already.

job-listings-facebook-send-people-to-your-website 2. From the Ads Manager, select **”Send People to Your Website”**. There are a few other ways you could go about setting up your campaign, but the most simple and straightforward option for promoting a job posting will be “send people to your website”. If you want to explore more options, check out “Boost Post”.

3) Enter the URL of the page that your job postings are listed on and name your campaign. If you have a marketing team or development team that can set up a tracking pixel, have them help you put it on your job application THANK YOU page. This will tell you on Facebook how many people from Facebook actually went through the application process. However, this tracking portion is completely optional and you should still see a great boost in applications just running the ads.

4) Now, we’re going to choose the audience. This is where you can get super granular and the use cases are varied based on what you are promoting so let me highlight a few filters that you are going to want to pay attention to no matter what type of job you are promoting.

  • job-listing-fb-ad-target-location Location – If you want to limit your ads to people who live in your area already (if you need someone fast) and won’t have a huge commute, select “People who LIVE in this location” from the dropdown. Then choose your location and limit the miles around the distance you want to advertise to.
  • Age & Gender – As HR professionals, you may be seeing red flags with age and gender. But remember, all we are doing here is promoting an opportunity to potential employees that you think will be a good fit. You are not under the same discrimination laws that apply during the hiring process. Of course, you cannot hire or not hire someone based on these factors, but you can promote a job posting to a target market that you think would be interested.
  • Detailed Targeting: Demographics: Education – Filter your ads to the Education Level (High School Degree, Masters Degree, etc.) and/or Fields of Study. Field of Study is a multi-select so say you were looking for field guides to take kids on nature trips throughout the summer. You could look for a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology, Outdoor Education, Outdoor Studies, and more.
  • Detailed Targeting: Work – If you are seasonal and know of an opposite season employer, you can target employees of that company by typing their name into the “Employers” section. You can also sort by industries individuals say they work in.
  • fb-job-listings-detailed-targeting Detailed Targeting: Interests – If education level doesn’t matter to you as much, then you may want to use the interest targeting to identify individuals that are interested in your line of work. There are literally hundreds of categories you can select for interests so take some time to identify interests that would fit your ideal employee.
  • Connections – One of the best ways to find good employees is to have your current employees tell their friends and family about open positions. With Facebook Ads, you don’t even have to have them do the heavy lifting! Just select “Facebook Pages” > “Friends of people who like your Page” and your ad will only be displayed to the friends of the people who like your page.

fb-job-listings-ad-spend 5) Pick a budget for your ads and set the dates you want to run the ad. We always recommend setting a start and end date (a) so you won’t forget and keep the ads running and (b) so you know exactly who much you are going to spend and can then assess whether the ad worked against that budget. For budget, it depends on how urgent your need is. You could run $100/day for one week if very urgent, but if it is more of a long hiring cycle, we recommend lowering your budget and having it run for longer. The “Estimated Daily Reach” section to the right will tell you based on your audience how many people will see your add per day.

fb-job-listings-create-your-ad 6) Creating your ad. There are a lot of options here but here are our best practices for ads that promote open positions… – Choose a single image of your existing staff out having fun or doing their jobs looking happy. If you have a video that is a “day in the life” type of thing that would be great as well. – Make your text short and sweet. Remember all you are trying to do with this ad is get them to click to view more details. So choose text like “Exciting, fun job opportunities starting this June in the outdoor industry. Click here to view the details and apply to join our team!” – Keep the Call to Action as the default “Learn More” or choose “Apply Now” – Remove the Instagram, Audience Network, and Desktop Right Column as channels to deliver your ad. You can choose to keep them but the best responses normally come from the Desktop and Mobile News Feed. Just think about how many times you look at the right-hand column of Facebook… never.

7) Place your order using the green button in the right-hand corner of the page and you are all set! Get ready for qualified candidates to roll in!

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