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WorkBright’s free trial allows you to issue our most used forms for FREE for 30 days so you can see how good it feels to get back to managing people, not paper.

Get started TODAY by filling out the form to the right and - without entering any credit card information - you will get access to all of this and more:

  1. Enter new employees email and name and the new employee + the software does the rest
  2. Employees will receive an email asking them to complete their W-4, I-9, direct deposit form, and upload their drivers license (all included with your free trial but any and all forms can be added at cost)
  3. Employees complete forms with fully compliant fingertip e-signature enabled and upload photos of their I-9 documentation
  4. Employees are sent reminders, with increasing frequency and urgency, until complete
  5. Completed forms can be archived in our system or downloaded as PDFs

WHAT MAKES OUR I-9 Form Smart?

  • Data validation to reduce employee data input errors
  • Photo upload of identity documents for capture and storage
  • Identity document upload assures they bring proper documents to work for validation
  • Fully electronic employee signature, and employer countersignature
  • Interview style questions assist employees in submitting the correct documents and info
  • I-9 Audit Report to easily identify expiring documents
  • Auto-filling of many fields based on government requirements
  • Employer Guide walks through countersignature process