5 Simple Changes To Make Your Company More Engaging In 2020


The new year is rapidly approaching. One of the best things you can do for your company is planning how to create a more engaged company in the new year. Today, we wanted to shed light on five things you can do to make your company more engaging in 2020.

Employee engagement is the key that is going to take your company further in 2020. Most employees struggle to be fully engaged at work, and this can cause significant issues within your company.

Gallup shows that employee engagement numbers are on the rise, but the number is still lower than it should be. According to Gallup, about 34% of employees are engaged in their workplace. That means that a larger number of your employees are likely not engaged at work.

There are many things your company can do to create a more engaged workplace, and we wanted to highlight five ideas.

1. Invest In Regular Check-Ins Instead Of Annual Surveys

If you want more engaged employees, you need to invest in regular check-ins with your employees versus annual surveys. While yearly surveys help you get a lot of information at once, they can be cumbersome for your employees. On top of that, taking action on annual surveys can be challenging for your managers, which causes your employees to feel resentful and avoid filling them out.

Instead, you should invest in regular check-ins or pulse surveys. These smaller surveys will help you act on employee feedback promptly. Acting on employee feedback is one of the best things you can do to make your company more engaging in 2020.

2. Identify Your Mission Statement/Values And Get Your Employees On Board

When your company’s mission and values align with your employees’ – amazing things can happen. If you want to create a more engaged workforce, get clear about what you stand for.

Employees want to do meaningful work that connects them to causes that are bigger than them. By understanding your mission and values, you can connect tedious everyday work to the larger picture.

Get clear about your company and what your values are so you can build an engaged workforce that sees the importance of the work they do.

3. Mix Up The Environments Your Employees Can Work In

The open office isn’t for everyone. While some people thrive at the office, others prefer having the option to work from home, while traveling, or from a coworking space. Now, you might not be able to offer your employees the chance to work from home, but you should consider the office environment you place them in. Studying excellent office design can help you create a fantastic place for your employees.

Our best tip? Vary the spaces in your office. Your employees don’t need to collaborate all the time. Where do they go when they need some quiet, focused time to work? Where do they go when they need to collaborate in a group setting without disturbing the entire office? If you create different sections in your office, you can build a workplace that is more in line with the myriad of ways that people work.

4. Find Small Ways To Invest In Your Employees And Their Future

Next, let’s consider how amazing it is when you invest in your employees. It shows that you:

  • Are in it for the long haul.
  • Trust your employees.
  • Want to see your employees succeed and get better at their jobs.

You don’t have to make considerable investments in your company, although you can. Even the smallest ideas can help your employees thrive. For example, you could take a cue from Buffer, and allow your employees to request any book they want throughout the year. We also have a great list of creative ways to encourage your employees to learn more on the WorkBright blog.

Overall, you want to show your employees that personal development is essential. How can you all grow together, stay engaged, and leave work every day feeling better than when you walked in the door?

5. Say Thank You More Often

Last, but not least, let’s talk about the importance of recognizing your employees’ hard work and saying thank you. Saying thanks often comes up around the holidays, but it’s not confined to a few months out of the year. Saying thank you is one of the easiest ways to acknowledge your employees for all the amazing work they do year-round. We appreciate people who tell us thank you, and it makes us feel seen and heard.

Instead of saving your gratitude for the holidays, make a habit of saying thank you more often in 2020. How can you add saying thanks to your routine in the new year? We promise this is one habit that will get your further this year.


Your employees join your company because they see something special in you and what you provide. Over time, it can be challenging for your company to stay engaging because settling into work usually creates a different dynamic for everyone. By continuously connecting with and appreciating your employees for the work they do, you can build an engaged workforce. If you show that your company is making strides in the right direction, you’ll see the tide begin to turn at work.

How will you build a more engaged workforce in 2020?