Getting Set Up with E-Verify

We’re excited you’ve chosen to streamline your employment eligibility process with WorkBright’s E-Verify module!

In order to get the integration implemented, you will need to follow the process outlined in this document so that WorkBright can administer E-Verify cases on behalf of your organization.

Here is a quick overview of the process:

  1. Set up a new E-Verify account
  2. Submit your new E-Verify account information to WorkBright
  3. WorkBright issued admin credentials by E-Verify
  4. Module activated and configured in WorkBright

Step One: Set Up A New E-Verify Account

You will need to set up a new E-Verify Account specifically for WorkBright that allows third-party software to access and manage cases on your behalf. This type of E-Verify account is called a Web Services Account and is configured differently than your existing account.

  1. Visit
  2. On the third page, titled “E-Verify Enrollment: Start Here”, there will be four questions related to your access method. Please review and select the appropriate answers for your organization to questions 1 and 2.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: In order to use the E-Verify integration in WorkBright you MUST answer question 3 and 4 in the following way:
  4. Answer “No” to Question 3: “My company has a central office that needs to manage E-Verify use for all of our locations that access E-Verify.”
  5. Answer “Yes” to Question 4: “My company plans to develop our own software to access E-Verify.”
  1. On the following page titled “E-Verify Enrollment: Let’s Review”, confirm that your type of access includes the phrase “Web Services”.
  2. Complete the rest of the E-Verify registration process with information for your organization.

Step Two: Submit Account Information to WorkBright

In order for the integration to work, WorkBright needs to be issued credentials by the government to access your organization’s new E-Verify account. WorkBright sends three identifying pieces of information from your E-Verify Web Services account to the government and they issue new admin credentials that allow WorkBright to administer E-Verify cases from your account.

See instructions and submit your information here:

Step Three: WorkBright Issued Access To Your Account

As soon as we have received your information from the form above, we send it to E-Verify which will create new credentials allowing WorkBright to interface with E-Verify on behalf of your organization. This process is completely dependant on the government, so times can vary. We have found it to take on average 3-5 days.

Step Four: Setup E-Verify in Your WorkBright Account

As soon as credentials are received by the WorkBright team, you will receive an email from your customer success representative confirming that the module has been activated and showing you how to properly configure your account.

Having Trouble? Send us an email at [email protected] and we would be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I create a new E-Verify account, what happens to my existing data?

  • All of your existing cases and data will remain accessible in your previous E-Verify account. Any active or pending cases will still need to be manually managed and completed in the old account.

Can I transfer cases or data to my new account?

  • The E-Verify system does not allow any transferring or sharing of data. Your past data will be permanently accessible in your old account, but there is no way to bring it forward to your new account.

Can I still initiate a case manually with my new web-services-enabled account?

  • Yes, your new E-Verify account will look like and function exactly as your old one. You can still initiate cases manually as well as see and manage cases initiated in WorkBright. However, if you create a case manually in E-Verify, it will not be visible in WorkBright.