Building Your Employer Brand


Why do people want to work at your company? It’s a question that deserves your attention. To attract the best job candidates and to retain your top employees, you need to build your employer brand.

Employer branding is your company’s reputation in the eyes of the people who want to work for you. It’s your company’s identity and it’s defined by what your company does. When you do good things, people take notice. To identify your employer brand, ask yourself what first comes to mind when people hear the name of your company?

avid-perks Building a positive employer brand is a long-term project. It affects your team from hire to retire. Employer branding can help to attract the right people and build an all-star team that takes your business to new levels. To do this you need to create a brand that highlights what your company is all about and tells the world why you do the things you do.

This is no small task, it takes time and effort. It requires a disciplined approach and it involves everyone in your company from entry-level employees to upper-level management. As a company, you need to clearly define who you are and what you want to be. In that process, you need to create a work environment that your employees love and build a loyal and admiring audience that respects what you do.

To build your employer brand, you need to:

  • disney-brand Be active on social media – Build a loyal community of social followers. Use your social channels to promote not only your products and services, but also your business and employees so that everyone knows what you do and what you stand for. Some brands even choose to create a separate social media presence catering directly to future employees.
  • Create high quality, engaging content – Blogs, videos, infographics, articles, and other content will engage and intrigue your audience. Ensure that your content aligns with your company’s mission and values. For example, at WorkBright we believe that contingent workforce employees are the face and brand of their organizations. So we regularly develop content that helps managers better cater to these employees to make them more effective.
  • tweet-brand-ambassador Create and empower your brand ambassadors – Your people are your greatest asset. Empower them to spread the word about why your company is the best place to work. When you have a job opening, incentivize your employees to share your posts either with a financial incentive or other non-cost heavy incentives like time off if their referral gets hired.
  • Develop a positive company culture – Work should be a positive experience. Create a company culture where your team’s beliefs, behaviors, and goals work together. If you really focus on your company culture, you likely won’t have to incentivize employees to share job openings and good news at all! They will simply want to because they are so passionate about their own work that they want to share.
  • Clearly define your mission and purpose – Your mission, purpose, values, and goals need to be clear from the get go. What does your company stand for? What are you trying to accomplish? What makes you unique? Once you’ve defined these guiding principles, don’t keep them locked away between senior management. Each employee should be able to articulate what they are and how they effect every day at your business.
  • dhl-employer-brand Regularly engage your employees – Listen to your team. Engage them regularly and actively develop great people. Great people will create a great company. One of the best things you can do is create a “closed-loop”. When employees give you feedback, be clear about what you are going to do with that information and communicate it directly back to the employee. Employer branding is essentially marketing your business to future employees. It’s your goal to make your business irresistible. Building your employer brand is an ongoing process. Adapt and adjust your employer branding strategies as times and technologies change.

When you strive to be the best employer ever, great things will happen!

Building A GREAT Culture Starts BEFORE Day 1

You can start the onboarding process and provide docs and training via WorkBright’s digital onboarding platform before your employees come in for their first day!