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  • Boulder Housing Partners Selects WorkBright for Employee Onboarding


    The Boulder Housing Partners HR team was juggling a manual, paper based open-enrollment process and a glitchy, add-on service from their payroll provider for basic form completion before they decided to streamline their 50-page new hire paperwork packet into one system that could handle it all. After implementing WorkBright, they have gained back training time, eliminated the headache of open enrollment and received overwhelmingly positive responses from new employees! Check out their decision-making process and see how WorkBright solved their onboarding and open enrollment pains in this case study.

  • Punching In & Out for Bathroom Breaks Costs Employer $1.75M


    In what was presumably meant to be a cost-cutting measure, a U.S. company with offices in several states required employees to punch out on the time clock to go to the bathroom or take other short personal breaks. The effort has clearly backfired, as a U.S. District court judge fined the company $1.75 million. The cost in lowered productivity due to poor morale, and added turnover rate, are immeasurable. Summary of the case

  • #HRFail - Commute Concerns in an Interview


    The heart of the question: Is asking about a candidate’s commute okay during the interview process? In this tweet, a young woman was interviewed for a job for which she felt highly qualified, but she didn’t get the position. During that interview, she was told that her commute was concerning to the organization. Now, this may not have been the reason she didn’t get the job, but the implication of it in her interview process has lead her to believe that it was.

  • Background Checks: What you're really getting!


    We are excited to announce a new video blogging series called “The Bright Side of Human Resources” lead by our very own HR expert and CEO, David Secunda! In this series, Dave will be tackling some of your most burning HR questions and some of the hot topics in our field. Check out our first video on Background Checks below and click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any great videos in the future!

  • HR Vocabulary: Boomerang Employee


    If a former employee of your company who left on good terms applies for an open position, should you hire them back? Many companies don’t, but perhaps a better question would be, “Why wouldn’t you?” Definition Boomerang Employee: workers who are part of the company and then leave, but want to come back later. It’s not uncommon for employees to have to leave work for family reasons, like needing to care for an elderly parent or move when a spouse gets transferred out of state.

  • How To Plan A Fun, High-Impact Strategic Retreat


    The WorkBright team just got back from a kick a**, super motivational, game changing leadership retreat. We revisited our foundational direction and re-committed to our purpose, then each team member go to deep dive on what these values and mission meant to our personal and professional lives in 2016 and beyond. Sound heavy? It wasn’t! It was really, really fun too! We each walked away with clarity on our direction, a deeper connection to each other and our customer base, and really sore legs from all the skiing.

  • Mission Critical Workforce Member of the Month: Peter Holter


    Meet Peter Holter, WorkBright’s Director of Customer Success and the guy who keeps us focused and connected to on our end-users… the Mission Critical Workforce. Whenever we start talking through new features or try to address a new problem a customer has brought up, Peter is one of the key team members that keeps us focused on the seasonal, contract, freelance, part-time, temporary and contingent workforces that are actually using the system every day.

  • 3 Ideas To Set Up For AMAZING Employee Retention In 2016!


    It’s no secret that employee turnover can take a major toll on HR resources and your Company’s bottom line. Today’s average worker only stays at a job for 4.4 years and the Millennial workforce stays for only half that time. A lot of employees looking to transition will start their search at the New Year making now the perfect month to focus in on retention. Here are three simple ideas that we have used at WorkBright to increase retention - and trust us, we LOVE our jobs!

  • Can You Count on Your Employees Staying On Board?


    It’s well known that employees don’t stay with one company for decades like they used to, and recent reports have stated that a large part of the workforce is disengaged—but would you have guessed that up to 42% of your very satisfied workers are seriously considering leaving their jobs? Mercer Publishes a Wake-Up Call Global employment consulting company, Mercer, recently published the results of Mercer’s 2015 Inside Employees’ MindsSurvey that found 42% of US Workers who are very satisfied with their jobs are “seriously considering” leaving.

  • What You Can Learn From Tracy Keogh - HRE's HR Executive of the Year 2015


    By: Melissa M., WorkBright When businesses make big changes, there are bound to be challenges for HR. When a company with 300,000 employees splits into two separate corporations, it could be an HR catastrophe—but not if Human Resource Executive’s HR Executive of the Year is heading things up. That scenario is exactly what happened at Hewlett-Packard over the last year, with HP’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Tracy Keogh in charge of not only managing the HR actions within the company, but also recruiting a new board for the second corporation.