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  • How To Effectively Utilize Internal Talent


    Finding a talented employee who knows your company can be challenging if you are looking externally. Sometimes you need someone who knows your company well to fill a role. You may want someone who needs less foundational company training. Hiring internally is the perfect way to find that person. Today, we wanted to shed some light on how to effectively utilize internal talent so your company can find the best person for your open roles.

  • How To Live Your Company Values In 2020


    Creating a vibrant company culture requires that your company stands for something. Listing and living a set of company values is a great way to show what your company stands for. Company values are more than just something you list and forget, though. Your candidates are picking your company based on your culture and values. If you aren’t living your company values in 2020, candidates will begin to see the disconnect between you and the values you state online.

  • 10 Tips For Building Your Talent Pipeline


    Building a thriving talent pipeline is the perfect way to reduce your recruiting cost and fill positions. If you want to scale and onboard hundreds of employees a year, you need an even bigger database of potential employees. Today, we wanted to shed some light on building your talent pipeline with ten tips that will help you attract better candidates. Start With A Plan Building a talent pipeline is a great way to make recruiting easier if you are adding the right people to your pipeline.

  • How To Help Your Employees Reach Their New Year Goals


    As the new year approaches, it’s time to have a conversation about new year goals. We are all setting the goals that will make us more successful in 2020. How do you support your employees and help them reach their work and life goals in the new year? Here are some practical tips that will help you understand where your employees want to be so you can help them succeed.

  • 5 Simple Changes To Make Your Company More Engaging In 2020


    The new year is rapidly approaching. One of the best things you can do for your company is planning how to create a more engaged company in the new year. Today, we wanted to shed light on five things you can do to make your company more engaging in 2020. Employee engagement is the key that is going to take your company further in 2020. Most employees struggle to be fully engaged at work, and this can cause significant issues within your company.

  • How To Keep Your New Employees Connected During The Holidays


    Hiring during the holidays can help pick up the slack at work, but it can also go wrong if you don’t keep up with your new employees. Your new employees want to feel excited about their new job, but you have to do your part to make their transition smooth and exciting. We’ve gathered our best tips for keeping your new employees connected during the busy holiday season below.

  • How To Create An Inclusive Company Holiday Party


    Recently on the WorkBright blog, we talked about how to host a company holiday party. While hosting a holiday party is fun, it can be isolating, depending on what your team celebrates. Today, we wanted to cover how to have a genuinely inclusive holiday party so everyone can celebrate their culture at work. Understand How Your Employees Celebrate The Holidays First things first, you should understand how your employees celebrate or do not celebrate the holidays.

  • 7 Tips to Onboard the Maximum Number of Thanksgiving Calories


    As you know, we have quite a lot experience with onboarding. On most days, the term onboarding refers to the process of integrating a new employee to your organization, but on Thanksgiving, onboarding takes on a different meaning for us. As a thank you for your loyal support, we wanted to share a special list of techniques for maximizing the number of foods you can onboard into your body before you have to take a nap on your aunt Ruth’s couch.

  • How To Host A Company Holiday Party


    Hosting a company holiday party can have a fantastic impact on your workers. Holiday parties can bring more fun into the workplace, boost morale, and help your employees kick off the holiday season. Are you planning your first company holiday party? Here are some tips on making it successful. 1) Get Clear On Your Budget Hosting any party can quickly get out of hand and become a budgeting nightmare. Before you plan a party, get clear on the budget so you can stick to it.

  • The Best Practices For Celebrating Thanksgiving In The Workplace


    In a few short weeks, many people in the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving at work and with their families. We wanted to take some time and chat about the best practices for celebrating Thanksgiving at work. If it’s your first time deciding how to celebrate, here are some tips you can follow to create the best Thanksgiving celebration at work. 1) Have An Appropriate Amount Of Time Off For Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is one of those travel holidays, just like Christmas.