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  • #HRFail - Leaving for Ill Health Reasons


    By: Melissa M., WorkBright An announcement goes out to all employees announcing the retirement of one of the staff—“on ill health grounds.” Is it an HR fail? YES! —These days, medical information is protected personal information for a variety of reasons, so even though the specific medical information isn’t being given out, we have to say yes. #HRfail. How You Can Avoid This #HRFail So what should you do to keep your workforce informed without giving out too much information?

  • 3 Reasons We're Thankful For Our Customers


    By: Chapelle Ryon, WorkBright As we enter the holiday season and the closing of the year, the WorkBright team is reflecting on the wild and exciting year of 2015 for our organization. This year we quadrupled our customer base, changed our name and rebranded to WorkBright, grew our staff by 50%, secured a new office space, and onboarded thousands of employees! The best part about all of this growth? Working with our amazing new and old customers!

  • HR Vocabulary: Millennial Mindset


    By: Melissa M., WorkBright Millenials (people born from about 1980 to the early 2000s) made big news a few years back with their impact on the marketplace, but it isn’t just their shopping that is affecting the economy. It’s also how they do business, and even where they choose to work. Definition The “millennial mindset” is a way of thinking that builds being socially conscious into all aspects of life.

  • WorkBright Workplace: Boulder, CO


    Not a single one on the WorkBright team is originally from Boulder, or even Colorado, but somehow we all ended up in this beautiful, vibrant, technology mecca that we call home today. Find out why each of us loves calling Colorado home; or better yet, come visit to explore our great hometown yourself and make a quick trip to one of our favorite ski resorts - there are over 30!

  • WorkBright is Hitting the Road!


    Conference season is in full swing and we are so excited to hit the road to meet so many of you in person. Check out our full list below and if you are at the conference and would like to connect with our founder, David Secunda or our Director of Sales, Cary Yocum, email us at [email protected] - we’d love to buy you a coffee! October Appearances Boy Scouts of America: 2015 National Outdoor Conference October 14-18 Philmont Scout Ranch - Cimarron, NM Visit us in the Exhibit HallMore information here…

  • Does Your Company Have a Gossip Problem?


    By: Melissa M., WorkBright Gossip has been at the center of many a TV office sitcom, but in reality, there’s nothing funny about the confusion and bad feelings it causes in real life. Tragic tales with their roots “around the water cooler” abound, and whether their repetition is for entertainment or education, they all have the same moral—office gossip is counter-productive and bad for morale. That’s why it’s important to see if your company is plagued by this all-too-common disease.

  • #HRFail - Not Telling Candidates the Position has been Filled


    By: Melissa M., WorkBright Investigating this #HRfail It’s never fun to tell a job applicant they aren’t getting the job, so it’s been the norm in a lot of HR departments to leave the “not-hired” candidates hanging. When they call to follow up, potential hires have even been told “We’re still looking,” or “We’ll let you know…” to avoid being the one to hurt someone’s feelings. But either way, we agree with @agm4131 - it’s really pretty rude.

  • WATCH OUT: Your Next Interview Could Be a Plant


    By: Melissa M., WorkBright Compliance with hiring laws is always a major component of the HR department’s job and a concern for executives, but enforcement action usually only occurs if someone files a complaint. That may be about to change if New York City’s new enforcement technique catches on. Bill 690-A—What it is In April, the mayor of New York City signed a bill into law that not only allows, but requires the Human Rights Commission to perform “matched pair” testing to investigate discrimination in employment practices.

  • Netflix Sets a New Bar for Parental Leave


    By: Melissa M., WorkBright It isn’t often that a large corporation does something so unique for their employees that the national news gets excited and other companies get nervous, but Netflix has done just that. What Netflix did In a move that doesn’t sound too far out to business people in the rest of the developed world, but shocked Americans, Netflix gave paid maternity leave to both parents—for as much time as they want in the year after a baby is born or adopted.

  • HR Vocabulary: Inboarding


    By: Melissa M., WorkBright Hiring is a major endeavor with the average cost of simply onboarding a new employee measuring over $103. HR managers across the country are beginning to realize how crucial it is keep your best employees through engagement and planning — thus a new HR term has been born - Inboarding. Definition Inboarding : A process through which current employees are trained and groomed for growth opportunities within an organization.