Mission Critical Workforce Member of the Month: Peter Holter

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Meet Peter Holter, WorkBright’s Director of Customer Success and the guy who keeps us focused and connected to on our end-users… the Mission Critical Workforce. Whenever we start talking through new features or try to address a new problem a customer has brought up, Peter is one of the key team members that keeps us focused on the seasonal, contract, freelance, part-time, temporary and contingent workforces that are actually using the system every day.

Why? Because he lived it and still does! As both a Mission Critical employee for multiple companies and as a Mission Critical Workforce manager for Vail Resorts. Peter embodies the adventurous, passion-seeking spirit that draws people to Mission Critical work.

So this February, we sat down with Peter to talk through the benefits and struggles of stringing together several different jobs throughout the year to create a sustainable lifestyle, and how he continues to contribute to the Mission Critical Workforce today!

Read Peter’s story below, and if you know anyone that embodies the Mission Critical Workforce spirit and works several jobs in a year to create a sustainable lifestyle, we’d love to feature them in 2016! Nominate them by clicking here.

We find that a lot of MCW members have an early entrepreneurial experience, what was your first job?

My first job ever was when I was 13 as a caddy on the golf course. My older brother was doing it and I pretty much followed him into whatever he was doing. Plus it was a good job to have as a young kid because you could work as much or as little as you wanted to. If you hung out there you could get a loop and go make a few bucks. It was $10 for 18 holes so not a great wage but I did it for two summers and I got to be outside and make a little cash. So I guess that was a first entrepreneurial experience!

Was that what lead you into the Mission Critical Workforce?

[pullquote type=“right”]”I just wanted to get to a place where I was doing what I wanted to be doing all the time which was being outside and skiing.”[/pullquote]No, I got into it because I love to ski. I moved to Colorado from Minnesota with the specific intention of becoming a ski instructor at Vail.

My first year out of college I worked at office for 11 months. I was 22 and wasn’t digging it. I didn’t feel like I was doing what I wanted to be doing with my time, and I placed no value at the time on things like health insurance, saving money, etc.. I just wanted to get to a place where I was doing what I wanted to be doing all the time which was being outside and skiing. So it was a way to turn my passion into what I could do all day.

When you joined the MCW with Vail what was the plan after the ski season?

No plan. I literally had no plan as to what I would do after the winter. It was ingrained in me from teachers, society, etc. that I needed to settle into something steady and consistent after college. But I wasn’t into the office job I had, so I looked at that first winter of instructing as 4-5 months then I have to figure out what I REALLY need to be doing. At the beginning I thought it was short term, I did not think I would stay for 7 years.

So how did you find your next job?

I had such a good time that first winter that by spring time I was thinking, how do I make sure I can do this again? The way to ensure that you can do that again, is by finding some sort of employment in between. There are two options here: find something else seasonal that fills the time period nicely or find something that you don’t care about and can leave easily when your better job picks back up.

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