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HR is all about people, not pushing paper.

Do you routinely hire hundreds of people in just a matter of weeks and deal with a mountain of paperwork during onboarding? Do you spend seemingly never ending days chasing paperwork – making sure employee forms are complete, entering data into your system, and then filing them in a safe place?

You’re not alone.

Each year, US employers spend an astonishing $5.5 Billion on onboarding expenses. The average onboarding cost per employee is $103. For a huge company like Baskin Robbins, onboarding comes at a whopping cost of $11 million per year.

We know your pain. We know the long, tedious, and costly processes that go with employee onboarding. We know because we’ve been there, too.

Haley“In the outdoor industry, we hire and onboard lots of seasonal employees in a short amount of time. WorkBright manages the paperwork so we can focus on the important thing, hiring great staff!” – Haley, Avid4 Adventure

Does your business need to onboard new employees rapidly? Do you have to hire people every year in just a few short weeks? We know your onboarding pains. Having to deal with numerous complex documents for each new hire is indeed a painstaking task.

WorkBright works by drastically reducing the time it takes to collect and process forms.

With WorkBright, you can:

  • Onboard an employee from home, even before their first day of work!
  • Automate form correction workflow
  • Eliminate data entry
  • Automate reminders
  • Eliminate virtually all costs related to new hire paperwork

WorkBright moves traditional employee onboarding to a mobile first solution that workers complete before they arrive. We save you time and money on your onboarding so you can get back to interacting with people, not pushing paper.

Product Benefits

Our value proposition is dead simple:

Employee time + Data Entry + Filing costs = $103 per employee

We did the same thing faster and simpler for just $21 per employee per year. We know that HR is not all that sexy, but we’re a real business with a strong ROI and very clear value proposition. WorkBright will save you time and money so you can focus on interacting with people, not pushing paper.

That’s an instant savings of $82 per employee!

We know that HR is not all that sexy, but we’re a real business with a strong ROI and very clear value proposition. WorkBright will save you time and money so you can focus on interacting with people, not pushing paper.

If you’ve been using a traditional onboarding process for a long time, you won’t believe how easy WorkBright works!
When a hiring decision is made, simply enter the name and email address of the employee, hit “Return” and it’s basically done. The email goes out to the employee, inviting him to complete all his paperwork from home, and onboard himself from home before his first day of work.

It’s that easy. And there’s more. WorkBright:

  • Is the first solution in the HR world to enable upload of documents using a smartphone. Instead of photocopies, an employee can simply snap a picture of his ID, then upload.
  • Has a proprietary, government-approved, internal audit system that lets HR managers know if there are any red flags before an audit.
  • Enables employees to safely sign documents electronically.
  • Seamlessly syncs with payroll. To easily set up a direct deposit, just snap a picture of a voided check, lift the bank information up, then move it forward to payroll.
  • Enables HR managers to get a view of the forms that are still missing from the Employer’s Dashboard.
  • Works in the background, reminding employees all the time to get their missing forms in.
  • Can operate as a stand alone or can integrate into an existing HR system.
  • A fast and easy onboarding process sets the level of new hire engagement. Save yourself the trouble of going through a traditional onboarding process while also giving your employees a convenient way to get hired with WorkBright.

Start reducing your administrative overhead today.

Secure and Compliant

WorkBright’s simple yet powerful dashboard and reporting tools help you ensure legal compliance and minimize risks during the hiring process. Achieve peace of mind and regain confidence in your HR files, knowing they are securely stored and easily accessible.

Key features:

  • E-signatures – Our best-in-class e-signature feature allows employees to sign forms with their fingertips on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere. By having employees electronically sign documents, a company ensures a fast and compliant process that minimizes errors and redundant information.
  • Built-in W4, W9 and I9 –WorkBright’s W4 and I9 functionality allows employees to generate fully compliant federal forms electronically.
  • Top class data encryption – Data transmitted to WorkBright software is encrypted with bank-grade 256-bit SSL certificates. We then store all your sensitive data using a bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption and unique master key per client.
  • Systems security best practices – We keep up-to-date on security patches and fixes and implement strict measures to protect our system from cyber attacks and electronic forgery.
Product Benefits Secure and Compliant

Happy Employees

If, as an employer, you find the long, tedious onboarding process to be burdensome, think of what your new employees will feel about filling repetitive forms to get started.

WorkBright is the perfect solution that lets your employees accomplish onboarding paperwork without the paper. Or the work.

WorkBright lets your employees:

    • Smart Data- Employees will never be asked to provide the same data more than once. It will then propagate across all forms.
    • Fill out paper work from home – Employees can access the system anytime, anywhere, using any device, with no “app” to download. They can begin the process on one device then seamlessly transfer to another, making it easy to complete as they locate various documentation.
    • Enjoy a modern, mobile-friendly experience –WorkBright lets employees submit requirements like licenses and certifications simply by taking a photo and uploading from their phones.
    • Enjoy best in class e-Signature feature – Employees can sign forms easily and securely using their fingertips on any mobile device.

WorkBright is a fast, easy, and simple solution that brings unparalleled HR onboarding efficiency to your company and the ultimate convenience to your employees.

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