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Finding & hiring qualified candidates is hard…

What is your biggest hiring headache? Is it advertising your jobs to find candidates? Is it keeping track of applicants at various stages throughout the process? The application process itself? Or the communication flow around your hiring team?

There is a better way!

WorkBright’s ATS streamlines your hiring process into a fast, easy, automated and painless solution at an affordable cost.

posttojobboardsWe start by setting you up with a brand new career site that is integrated directly into your existing website. Simply post open positions and with a few clicks, you can aggregate your posts to over 1500 job boards, social media sites and more!

All job seekers are directed back to your career site to apply. Custom job screening questions help you filter out unqualified applicants and let the best candidates rise to the top! Our built-in communication platform lets your hiring team share information about candidates while built-in email templates notify applicants as to where they are in the process.

Once you’ve found your perfect candidate, easily initiate the onboarding paperwork from offer letters to I-9s through our onboarding platform!

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Now that candidates have found your job, let WorkBright help you convert them with mobile optimized branded career sites that provide sophisticated online application!

Career Site: We pull your graphics, colors, and overall branding to create a beautiful career site that can be easily integrated into your existing website. There’s no IT resources required from your team and even better, the setup takes less than 48 hours!

Mobile Recruiting: Did you know that 1 in 3 job seekers looks and applies for jobs from a mobile device? Make it easy for these candidates to apply to your positions with 100% mobile compatible applications. No more pinching and scrolling, WorkBright ATS is mobile first.

Online Applications: Putting your application online is not only convenient for your candidates, but also helps ensure federal regulation compliance. Additionally, you will create a great first experience with candidates which helps attracts top talent!

Job Alerts: Passive applicants are those that may not be actively seeking, but may consider switching jobs if a good spot opens up with your organization. With WorkBright job alerts, passive applicants can be instantly notified when a new position opens up.

Ready To Take Your Hiring To The Next Level?

Screen & Select

Is it possible to have too many applicants? Not with WorkBright ATS! Job screening lets the most qualified applicants rise to the top!

Job Questions: Each position is unique. With each posting you can set up custom job questions that are asked during the application process that relate directly to the position. Questions are weighted so each applicant gets their own score for your team to review.

Auto Disqualify: If an applicant’s answer’s to your custom job questions are deal breakers – or if their score is below a minimum threshold – you can separate them into a disqualified pool. This removes the clutter but still makes them accessible to review for other positions!

Reference Checking: Streamline reference checks by allowing candidates to enter contact information as part of the online application. Our platform then enables you to easily send out questions via email or by phone and associate the notes back with the candidate profile.

Ranking: Each member on the hiring committee assigns a candidate a 1-5 star rating based on application, resume, interview, etc. The average of all scores appears at the top of each candidate’s profile so you can easily see who the team is leaning towards.








Decrease time-to-fill, lower cost, and ensure compliance with advanced reporting at every step of the process. WorkBright makes your team look like rockstars!

EEO & OFCCP Reporting: Compliance is one of HR’s most important roles and paper/spreadsheets are cumbersome. WorkBright takes the guesswork out of tracking with easy reporting on race, gender, and more in a few clicks. Reports can be exported for audits.

Time-to-Fill Reports: Unfilled openings can hurt revenue and moral. By starting to pay attention to your time-to-fill you can seek out areas for improvement and be more strategic in your workforce planning efforts. Not to mention, upper management will love this report!

Source Tracking: If you can identify where your best candidates come from, you can become more efficient with your spend and ultimately reduce the cost of new hires. WorkBright’s source tracking makes it clear where your best candidates are coming from.

Applicant Logs: If your organization has a formalized affirmative action plan or offers benefits for veterans or others, you can customize your applicant flow log to simplify reporting on your various initiatives. Information can be gathered during the application or beyond.


Let candidates know you received their resume, let them down gently and coordinate with your hiring team seamlessly with WorkBright’s communication platform!

Rejection Letters: 75% of applicants never hear from the prospective employer! With customized email templates you can easily issue rejection letters so that applicants that may not have been right for the current position still have a positive outlook on your organization.

Automated Notifications: The competition for top talent is tough. By sending customized, automated, confirmation emails and other notifications your organization will stand out as a communicative, transparent organization where top candidates want to work.

Manager Distribution: WorkBright doesn’t charge by the number of admins so that you can bring your whole hiring team into the platform to review and rank candidates! By making the various members notes easily accessible to the whole team, team hiring is a breeze!

Job Alerts: Any visitors to your career site can sign up to receive instant notifications when an open position comes available. By capturing these candidates even when nothing is open, you can keep qualified candidates engaged and ready!