Back To Business: 4 Steps Your Reopening Plan Must Include


At WorkBright, we’ve been excited to lead the way when it comes to helping companies get back to business. Whether you are a small business or a large organization, you need a step-by-step approach to get back to work safely.

We worked with the team at Energize Colorado to host a back to business webinar series. In this series, we laid out four critical steps to reopening any business. If you want to reopen safely, let’s:

  • Keep COVID Out
  • Not Pass It Along
  • Plan For When It Happens
  • Care For Our People

Each of these steps had a webinar that went into more depth, so if you haven’t watched them yet, now is the perfect time to dig in so you can protect your employees and customers.

1. Let’s Keep COVID Out

In our first webinar, Let’s Keep COVID Out, we gave an excellent overview of what companies should be thinking about when it comes to keeping COVID-19 out of the workplace. One of our goals should be to reduce the amount of COVID-19 cases we see at our workplace. During this call, we discussed employee screening practices and liability concerns, managing non-compliant or potentially sick customers, and best practices for time-off and leaving work for symptomatic employees.

Our Founder and CEO, David Secunda, joined a fantastic panel of experts to discuss keeping COVID-19 out of your workplace.

  • Kelli McGannon, Corporate Affairs, Regional Director- Western Region, The Kroger Co.
  • Lyssa Marie Hansard, CEO & Principal Consultant, Cura HR
  • Mickell Jimenez, Partner, Labor and Employment, Holland & Hart

2. Let’s Not Pass It Along

During our second webinar, David Secunda joined another great panel of experts to discuss ways to prevent the spread of the virus between your coworkers and/or your customers. In this webinar, we’ll cover how to avoid the highest-risk interactions, adjusting retail operations to meet new physical distancing recommendations, and tips for implementing enhanced cleaning procedures.

The featured panelists on this discussion were:

  • Dana T. Lerman, MD, Infectious Disease Physician
  • Brynn Swanson, Founder and CEO, First Look Events, and Founder of the Colorado Events Alliance
  • Skip Dwyer, Regional Manager, Micro Center
  • Adam Schlegel, Founder Chook Chicken, Co-Founder Snooze

3. Let’s Plan For When It Happens

Our next webinar revolved around making a plan for when it happens. We can plan and work hard to keep COVID-19 out of our workplace, but we don’t have the final say. This webinar helped us understand the next steps after we discover a COVID-19 case. We dove deep into understanding concepts like contact tracing, confidentiality/privacy for sick workers, and what actions companies need to take if they are informed about workers being ill or potentially sick.

The following experts joined our Founder and CEO, David Secunda:

  • Sarah Lampe, President and Executive Director, Trailhead Institute
  • Indira Gujral, Communicable Disease and Emergency Management Division Manager, Boulder County Public Health
  • Sarah Vonnahme PHR, SHRM-CP, Principal Consultant, Cura HR

4. Let’s Care For Our People

Finally, we had a great conversation to wrap up our Back To Business series around caring for our people during this challenging time. Your workers are your most valuable asset, so you need to take care of their mental and physical health. On this webinar, we were joined by the following panel of experts:

  • Laura McGladrey, PMHNP, FNP, MSN, RN, FAWM, Stress Trauma Adversity Research and Treatment (START) Center and University of Colorado, College of Nursing, Faculty, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, and Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Paul Dreyer, Chief Empowerment Officer, Avid4 Adventure
  • Julie DeGolier, President, Job Store Staffing

Additional Resources For Companies Wanting To Go Back To Business

Before we go, we wanted to let you know of some of the resources available for business owners in and outside of Colorado. Here are some great resources that business owners can use to open safely and protect their workers and customers.

  • Reopening Template: Themes from health experts, business leaders, and government officials to help protect yourself, your employees, and your customers.
  • Resources for Colorado Businesses: PPE at cost, free professional services, mental health support, and reopening guidance.
  • Kroger Template: Recommendations, insights, best practices, and downloadable creative assets to help businesses navigate the next phase of this unprecedented pandemic.


We hope that you enjoyed this overview of our Back To Business series. Feel free to dive into the content we’ve provided here. If you were able to join us on these calls, we hope that you got a lot out of the content our panelists provided. Now that you have this information, it’s time to create your reopening plan!