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Learn More About WorkBright Onboarding!

Camps across the country love onboarding staff with WorkBright! Our focus on mobile-first technology, ability to handle both new and returning seasonal staff, and flexible data export make WorkBright the perfect choice for staff at camps around the country.

What Camps Love Most About WorkBright:

  • New hire packet delivered directly to a smart-phone
  • Staff can use a camera phone to upload certificates in advance
  • Simple workflow to reject incorrect forms
  • Automated reminder emails are sent to staff with incomplete paperwork
  • The I-9 countersignature process is completed electronically
  • Simple payroll export to use for IOI Pay

The Top Reasons YOU Will Love WorkBright:

  • Save Time & Money – We reduce the cost to onboard a new employee by 8x! Show an instant ROI with WorkBright by checking out your cost here.
  • Automate Your Process – Automated reminders about incomplete forms and incorrect information move HR out of filing cabinets and the inbox, saving your HR team hours of administrative work.
  • Ensure Compliance – Track progress and report on staff files from a web-based dashboard. Ensure compliance with state and federal regulators in a secure cloud-based environment.
  • Give New Hires A BETTER First Day – First impressions count. WorkBright impresses and inspires, helping you retain the best employees and establish your culture from day one on the job.