5 Real-Life Employee Appreciation Ideas That Rock!


Holiday parties are a great way to gather together and show how much you appreciate your employees. But, what about the other 11 months in the year? Depending on the type of business you are in, there may be big deadlines, seasonal heavy workloads, or other situations requiring a lot from your employees. Those are all important times to acknowledge the hard work everyone is doing, and give something back. And a thank-you email just doesn’t cut it. Here are some great employee appreciation ideas from other companies for fun ways to show your employees some company love.

North Shore-LIJ at Staten Island University Hospital’s GEM Program

When the radiology department at North Shore-LIJ discovered a need to increase the rate at which patients were moved from their hospital rooms to the radiology lab, they instituted the GEM program, which encouraged staff to nominate each other when they saw someone doing good for the department. Top performers were awarded points that were redeemable for gifts online.

Salesforce.com’s Health Reimbursal

employee-appreciation-tips Employees (and their families) are encouraged to take part in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, and to back it up, the company reimburses up to $100/month for approved expenses. The list of what’s reimbursable includes gym memberships and personal trainers, of course, but also includes more fun activities like dance class, golf green fees and martial arts. They’ll even pay for ski lift tickets to get workers and their families outdoors and moving.

Motley Fool Found an App for That: YouEarnedIt

When the crew didn’t like the idea that recognition only counted if it came from managers, the company started using YouEarnedIt, which lets all employees reward each by giving them game gold. In the first year, they averaged 35 posts per day.

OpenDNS’s “OpenDNS Art Experience”

open-dns-employee-appreciation The internet security company recognizes that their people have a lot more interests and talent than just what they use in their jobs. The Art Experience provides an opportunity to collaborate in creative multimedia projects that may include painting, film, music, or any other diverse art they choose to do. Oh, and for those who stay with the company for five years, forget the plaque, they get a 10-day trip anywhere in the world!

Two Rivers Marketing in Des Moines, Iowa

Employees celebrating their one year anniversaries at the marketing firm are honored by the presentation of a framed caricature of themselves. This is a smaller one that is a lot of fun and makes for a great cubicle decoration piece that unifies the office.

For WorkBright Users

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