3 Reasons We’re Thankful For Our Customers


As we enter the holiday season and the closing of the year, the WorkBright team is reflecting on the wild and exciting year of 2015 for our organization. This year we quadrupled our customer base, changed our name and rebranded to WorkBright, grew our staff by 50%, secured a new office space, and onboarded thousands of employees!

The best part about all of this growth? Working with our amazing new and old customers! We seriously think you guys rock, and it’s not just because you made the very smart decision to partner with WorkBright. Here are our top 3 reasons we’re thankful for YOU, our customers.

You Are Innovators

workbright-team-thankful-for-our-customers It’s no doubt that HR Technology is hot, but the vast majority of companies are still trying to figure out where to start. Not only do most of our customers already have 3-5 other systems in place already, they have identified the next most laborious task in the process – onboarding – and have sought out the best-in-class solution to help solve that pain. After all, the definition of innovator is “a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products” and that’s exactly what our customers have done with WorkBright! Lead on HR leaders!

You Help Guide Our Product Direction

One of the huge advantages to being in the early stages is that we can be agile in our development and really listen to the needs of our customers to guide where we go next. However, this process only works if our customers are willing to spend the time to give us honest feedback and think through where they are headed and how we can support that. Our customers are GREAT at this! If you’ve ever sat down with Peter for an “end-of-summer review” or taken our NPS tests, thank you!

You Care About YOUR Customers

Err… I mean employees, but aren’t we learning that our employees are HRs customers? As author Matt Tenney says in his book Serve To Be Great: Leadership Lessons From A Prison, A Monastery, And A Boardroom, “When people know we truly care about them – and not just about what we can get out of them – they tend to go the extra mile”. By investing in technology like WorkBright that speeds up the onboarding process for employees, you are showing your employees that you care about their time and that makes us care about you.