2 Amazing Wellness Programs You Should Know About


It’s not unusual for larger companies to have some kind of wellness program – tech startups are famously high-end with the perks for their employees – but in 2016 there is a strong trend toward expanding wellness programs in all kinds of businesses, ranging from small companies to multinational corporations.

Having a nurse line to call when you need to know what to do for a baby with a fever or have a cold, but this kind of traditional health care add-on service is “old hat” compared to the innovative programming we are seeing now. Here are two really outstanding programs that may provide some inspiration for your own company.

Motley Fool

the-motley-fool-wellness-programs Wellness at Motley Fool starts with a comprehensive health PPO plan, but the company foots the bill, almost exclusively. Employees only pay $4 a paycheck—and it’s just $8 to include prescription, vision and dental coverage. Not only is the cost of coverage almost completely covered by the company, it becomes effective on the employee’s hire date—no more waiting period during which employees just have to keep their fingers crossed and hope nothing happens to them.

On top of the almost-free health insurance, the company has an onsite gym complete with locker rooms and showers, and fitness classes are offered every work day. A massage therapist comes in weekly, and healthy food is always available in the company-stocked pantry and fridge.

Clearly Motley Fool considers it beneficial to business to have healthy, stress-free employees. The company also issues a monthly health newsletter that includes a theme or challenge for the month to keep staff engaged, and to keep changing things up so that being active is always part of the day.


stumbleupon-wellness-programs StumbleUpon is another company that has made paying for healthcare the company’s responsibility instead of the employee’s. They not only covered their employees, but also paid the full price for dependents. Delicious, healthy lunches are catered daily, making sure employees are well-fed and have easy access to nutritious food during the day.

While it’s likely that your HR budget doesn’t include perks like these, it is important for HR managers to be aware of the many options that are being offered to support employee wellness. Low-cost or free activities and challenges can also be fun and engaging.

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